Why Suluk Academy?

Is Suluk Right For Me?

The end and the sum total of all mysticism, philosophy, and meditation, of everything one learns and develops, is to be a better servant to humanity. Everything from the beginning to the end in the spiritual path is a training to be able to serve mankind better, and if one does not do it with that intention, one will find in the end that one has accomplished nothing.
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Suluk Academy provides participants with the opportunity to take their spiritual education and inner life to new depths. The process fosters authentic personal transformation by shepherding participants through recognizable stages of self-discovery that lead to deep realization and greater awakening. This type and manner of study draws diverse “seekers” from various spiritual backgrounds, traditions, cultures, lifestyles and occupations.  If there is a common element, it is the desire and will to take this journey, to ask the questions and to explore - ultimately to deepen in one’s understanding of life and its meaning. If one is committed to personal unfoldment and the awakening of humanity as expressed through the path of Sufism, then Suluk Academy is a vehicle that can provide a thorough immersion and training.

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Who Attends Suluk Academy?

Our students are tremendously diverse, and all sincere seekers of truth are welcome to apply. However, the core training is open only to initiates of the Hazrati Sufi Orders including the Sufi Order International, the Ruhaniat, the Sufi Way, Sufi Contact and the Sufi Path. (One must be an initiate by the start of a Core Training). Suluk Academy is appropriate for new initiates as well as long-time leaders in the Sufi Order, and for those in Leadership Training as well as Cherags and Healing Conductors. Suluk Academy is the only school of its kind which offers formal, progressive study in the wisdom and esoteric practices of the Sufi tradition of Hazrat Inayat Khan and those who wish for a more systematic study of Sufi methodologies may find the program especially beneficial.

Because of the demanding structure of the program, one should undertake the program with a high level of commitment. The community of students that enter Suluk Academy form a sacred vessel for each person’s inner work, and much of the teaching happens in the context of this community.

What Do People Say About Suluk?

Suluk Academy training has deeply touched our community members. Listen to what our students and faculty have to say about the programs.

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Why In-Depth Esoteric Training?

Ancient teachings in modern times... Learn why spiritual seekers and experienced practitioners alike have found Suluk Academy training to be an invaluable part of their spiritual path.

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A Living Heart

What I really love about Suluk Academy is that it’s the opportunity to work with a very dynamic process, and very beautiful people who are dedicated to the spiritual life—who are willing to go through inner transformation.

 — Aziza Scott