Frequently Asked Questions


Who can apply?

Anyone who feels a strong commitment to the Sufi Path and is initiated in a Hazrati Order. You also need to have or choose a guide by the beginning of the training.

Do I have to be an initiate?

Yes, in one of the Hazrati Orders: Sufi Order International, Sufi Ruhaniat International, International Sufi Movement, Sufi (Soefi) Contact or Sufi Way.

What can I do to become initiated?

Discuss it with your local Center Leader or get in touch with Yaqin Aubert, the Esoteric Secretary of the Sufi Order (

How can I find a guide?

Contact your local Center Leader or get in touch with Yaqin Aubert, the Esoteric Secretary of the Sufi Order (

Why do I need to complete an application when I have not had to do this for other Sufi workshops?

Suluk is a two-year progressive developmental course.  It requires a significant commitment from participants in both time and finances. It is important to make sure the training is a good fit for both the applicant and the Academy. Also, in order to give each class a strong foundation on which to build for their studies, the application gives the Admissions Committee background information for setting up the mentor and pod groups. It also ensures that the applicant’s guide is aware of the application.

Does the Suluk Admissions Committee contact the references?

No, you need to fill in the form giving your reference’s contact details and then contact them yourself.  They can either directly email the reference to Suluk, or they can send it to you and you can submit the references along with your application. The Admissions Committee does reserve the right to contact the references if more information or detail is deemed necessary.

Why does the Suluk Admissions Committee ask for references?

The Suluk course is developmental and progressive over two years and the work of the teachings is supported by the mentor group and pod.  Thus, it is important that those attending are able to fully participate in the group process. Besides giving a character reference, the two references give the Admissions Committee a more complete picture of the applicant and how s/he might do in such a transformational experience, and how the applicant would do in group work.

Who can act as a reference?

One reference should be your guide; the other someone who has known you for at least five years.

Graduation Requirements and Policies

Is there a policy on attendance?

Yes—you are expected to attend all days of all sessions. However, in the case of an emergency, family situation, or extenuating circumstances—one complete session of five days, or parts of sessions totaling five days will be allowed. In the case of Suluk in the West, because the residential sessions are fewer (only five) an absence from an entire residential session would be highly discouraged. Such absences need to be approved ahead of time by the administrator and one’s mentor.

I may not be able to attend one session; do I get a refund on the tuition fee?

Suluk Academy is unable to refund the tuition fees as the faculty and overhead for the course remain the same and the budget has been set on full attendance.

Why is the Suluk Retreat a requirement?

  • The individual retreat is an essential training to support the transformational process. Thus, the Suluk Retreat is a precious opportunity to experience an individual retreat in the context of the overall program.
  • It will give participants the opportunity to deepen the Suluk experience, to make it their own, and to review some of the practices and  teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan that may not yet have been fully integrated.
  • Generally it will help consolidate and integrate both the studies and the spiritual growth that are occurring.

When can I do the Suluk Retreat?

One can arrange to do the Suluk Retreat anytime after the mid-point of the training, upon completion of the concentration "Contemplation."


Can I arrive a day earlier/stay an extra night?

It depends on the location of the training. Please contact the local administrator to check. Please do not simply show up or expect to stay longer without prior approval.

Do I have to stay on campus?

No—alternatively you can attend as a commuter (commuter fees apply.)


Do I have to pay the tuition fee in one payment?

You are welcome to pay for the entire tuition in one payment. However, automatic payment plans are available by either direct debit (Europe) or credit card (U.S.) is preferred. Payment by checks in Europe is not possible.

Are there any additional costs that I should know about?

  • Airport transfer, if you are flying into a nearby airport—this could be a shuttle, a car rental, a bus—depending on the location of attendance:

Suluk at the Abode—a shuttle can be arranged from the Albany airport, train or bus station. Shuttle from either Albany airport, train station or bus station is approximately 50 minutes depending on traffic and weather conditions.

Suluk Europe—each participant must arrange his/her transportation. Please contact the European administrator for more information.

  • Application fee.
  • Recordings of the teaching sessions are available free on the website, or on MP3 discs for a small fee. The teaching notes and audio are posted on the website as soon as possible after the session.
  • Although many of the readings are made available for free electronically, there may also be some books that you will be asked to purchase.

Scholarships/Work Exchange

How do I apply for a scholarship?

There is a scholarship application form (U.S.). Please send a request to:

Does scholarship cover both tuition and room & board?

No - scholarship only applies to tuition.  You must cover the cost of your room and board—to be paid before the start of each residential session.

What kind of work exchange is available?

Only the Abode offers work exchange to offset housing or commuter costs. Work Exchange is at the Program Manager’s discretion and can include housekeeping, kitchen work, farm work and preparation on the Mountain for the summer season.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes—for tuition only. They must be pre-arranged with the Suluk Manager.


What should I pack?

That will depend on the season and location. The Suluk administrator will send out an email shortly before the session to let you know about local weather, conditions and essential items to bring. In general, layers are the way to go!

However, a good starter list is: warm socks, meditation shawl, outside walking shoes and clothing, assignments printed out, poetry or inspirational book, writing book or journal.

What kind of work will I be expected to do?

There is a combination of reading, writing and meditation practices which will be assigned to students between classes. There may be a preparatory assignment before the start of the first session.

Will my guide be aware of the practices I am doing for Suluk?

Yes—A letter will go out to the guides at the beginning of Suluk to let the guide know the name and contact information for his/her mureed’s mentor. After each session an email will go out with the assignments and practices given. The participant is expected to be in touch with their guide as well and to check with him/her on the practices given.

What is the general schedule of the day?

The day starts with an attunement and silent meditation; then two teachings sessions with a break in between. Lunch is then served. After lunch the participants have either down time (often with the possibility to do yoga or go for a walk) or a one-on-one interview with one of the faculty or their mentor. Afternoons include mentor groups and pods. After dinner there is an evening program—zikr, dances, sema, a film, etc.

What responsibilities will I have as a participant?

Attending all sessions and all of the session, including the teachings, mentor group and pod. Doing one’s assignments between sessions. Karma yoga. Meeting your financial obligations. Meeting with mentor and teachers.

More Questions

For other questions about the U.S. training please contact the Suluk USA office. For other questions about the European training please contact the Suluk Europe office.

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A Living Heart

What I really love about Suluk Academy is that it’s the opportunity to work with a very dynamic process, and very beautiful people who are dedicated to the spiritual life—who are willing to go through inner transformation.

 — Aziza Scott