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We gratefully acknowledge the creators of the 2005 Suluk promotional DVD video from which many clips were extracted for use here. Executive Producer: Siddiqi Heather Oakes. Producer, Videographer, Editor: Bashir Kevin Cates. Music: HuDost, from the album "In an Eastern Rose Garden." We also thank the Suluk students and faculty who consented to appear in the video.

Our thanks go to the generous and skilled Jane Feldman for so many of the beautiful photographs that adorn the website.

Deep appreciation and gratitude go to Nicko Winner—the designer and developer of the new website, to Eric Mercer—the project manager, to Alima Lucinski and Qahira Wirgman for developing the texts, and to Malika Damberg—Suluk Academy Manager during the development of this website. Thank you all for your attention to every detail, your patience as we worked through all the challenges, your humor, and your commitment to the process and to achieving a superb product.

Thanks also go to our team of community advisors for their suggestions and insights, and to the members of the Suluk community who shared their ideas and opinions through our survey at the beginning of this journey. Our thanks go to the Salikas and Saliks who allowed us to use photos of their beautiful faces. And a special thank you goes to Mubaraka Berrios, who has put in untold hours updating the website's database of Suluk events and presentations.

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Suluk Academy could not operate without the patient, selfless, and kind assistance of many, many volunteers.

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Our wonderful Teaching Faculty and Mentors are listed on our Faculty page.

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Attributions for the quotations found in this website are given on a Sources page.

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A Living Heart

What I really love about Suluk Academy is that it’s the opportunity to work with a very dynamic process, and very beautiful people who are dedicated to the spiritual life—who are willing to go through inner transformation.

 — Aziza Scott